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Solace Controls

Secure and convenient networked access control solutions for residential and commercial buildings

Multiple doors. One solution.

Solace Controls allows you to access multiple doors easily using a secure key card. Unlike stand-alone door systems, our networked system allows you to controlled and monitor all your buildings from a user friendly web interface that you can access from any device with an internet connection, making it easy to add keys or disable lost keys with a click of a button.


Unlock Doors from your Smartphone

Our product allows you to open your doors securely from your Smartphone from anywhere in the world with just a click of a button. The intuitive and simple to use app also provides the following features:



Share Access

Grant Smartphone access and share key cards with your family and friends.

Manage guests

Manage Guests

Control the days and times guests can access your doors.


Log and Monitor

View and record who entered each door and at what time.



Send and recieve alerts, such as packages delivery and maintenance updates.

Worried about startup cost?
Not with us.

While competitors charge thousands of dollars per door for systems with less features and security, our proprietary technology allows us to provide our system for a low monthly fee without capital investment.




Our system includes several back-up features to make sure your system is always working, even if there is power outage or the Internet goes down.



Security is our number one priority at Solace Controls. We use the same encryption and secure connection protocols used in online banking.



Solace systems are easily customizable to match your preferences allowing you to choose LED light colors, buzzer volume, lock duration, and a lot more.


Easy To Install

Our system requires minimal infrastructure making it easy and quick to install without significant disruption to your building and guests.

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