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Doors just got


Solace Access Control gives you secured remote and card access over all your doors, notifies you when people get in or even try to and allows you to set restrictions and schedules for certain users.

Open your door to anyone,

even if you're not there.


Need to grant access to your nanny while you're at work? Or are you having friends over but got stuck in traffic? Whatever your scenario is... we got you covered.

Your doors, your rules.


Setting custom scheduled access to specific cards,

restrict access to others or disable lost cards. It's all possible.

Perfect for your guest house or Airbnb.

Always know what's going on. 

Receive custom notifications on your phone, email or choose from many third party notification platforms.


The kids are back from school

Parents are back home safe

Employees arriving late


Smart. Simple. Convenient.

Hosting has never been more convenient.

Flexible check-in/out

No need to manage key handovers anymore, especially with late flights and traffic. And certainly no more hiding the keys outside!

Have your guests unlock via Solace Web

Auto sync your calendar

Your door will know precisely when to open up and to whom.
Link your Solace system to your calendar and your guests will automatically receive an access code. This code expires after their stay ends.


Extra card access

Leave a couple of key cards for them inside as a second access method for when they're phones aren't available.

Service friendly

Have a housekeeping or maintenance service? not a problem!

Allow access to them manually wherever you are via Solace web/app or
Give your provider a service card that responds automatically to your calendar event that includes a keyword you choose!

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